For vocal recording I use a Shure SM7B dynamic microphone plugged into a StudioProjects VTB-1 tube preamp. I do not use a popkiller since the SM7B has enough protection. The preamp settings are as follows:

Parameter Value Description
Gain: +60db The SM7B really needs it!
Tube Blend: 50% Applies a warm and compressed tone
Output: -6db Leaving a -3db headroom at the audio interface line input

Guitar & Bass

All guitar and bass tracks in my songs are recorded with a D.I. box. I use two different D.I. boxes for active and passive guitars and basses.

For active instruments I use the passive Radial Engineering JDI which is one of the best D.I. boxes out there. You can find one of those in many professional studios out there.

For passive instruments like my Jackson JS22-7 Dinky SB I use the BSS Audio AR-133 which is again one of the best active D.I. boxes out there.

The symmetric signals from the D.I. boxes are directly injected into the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 preamps and recorded with a -3db headroom.



As described in the Drums section I record the MIDI signals from the Roland TD-12 modules with an ESI MIDIMATE II. So only regarding recording the MIDI signals, there is no audio interface involved.

But since I obviously have to hear some sounds while recording, the incoming MIDI signals from both modules are merged to a single track and processed by Toontrack Superior Drummer Metal Foundry in my DAW Cockos Reaper and sent to the headphone output.

The merge process of the two MIDI signals is handled by Reaper. The important thing to note here is that the two drum modules have to use completely different MIDI notes for their output signals. If module 1 used C3 (#48) for a snare signal for example and module 2 used C3 (#48) for a crash signal, the merge process would fail and so would the note mapping in Superior Drummer.


Many people ask me about my "unconventional" studio monitors. I use Logitechs' Z-2300 THX 2.1 in the studio and at home. The reason for this is that I have been listening to music over these systems for over 10 years. I know exactly how music has to sound and feel on these systems. They do not have a flat frequency response, but that is not important at all in my opinion. If my music sounds great on my system, I know it also sounds great on any sound system out there.

Recording PC Specifications
Mainboard: ASRock A75M-ITX
CPU: AMD A8-3870K @3.0GHz
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1866MHz
SSD: Samsung 830 Pro
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6550D IGP
Audio Interface: Forusrite Scarlett 18i8
Sound System: Logitech Z-2300 THX 2.1
Operating System: Windows 10
Mixing PC Specifications
Mainboard: ASRock Z170 Extreme4
CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K @4.0GHz
RAM: 16GB DDR4 2800MHz
SSD: Crutial MX100
Graphics Card: Palit GTX 1060 Super JetStream
Audio Interface: Forusrite Scarlett 2i2
Sound System: Logitech Z-2300 THX 2.1
Operating System: Windows 10



Cockos Reaper → http://www.reaper.fm

Free Plugins

Reaper Integrated Plugins
ReaGate (Noise Gate)
ReaComp (Compressor)
ReaEQ (Infinite Band EQ)
ReaFir (FFT EQ/Dynamics Processor)
ReaXcomp (Infinite Multiband Comressor)

Commercial Plugins

iZotope Nectar 2 Production Suite
Guitar & Bass
Kazrog Recabinet 5
Kazrog Thermionik 5
TSE Audio X50 Suite
IK Multimedia AmpliTube 4 MAX
3 Sigma Audio Impulses
Ownhammer Impulses
Toontrack Superior Drummer 2
Toontrack Superior Drummer 2 Metal Foundy SDX
Toontrack Superior Drummer 2 Metal Machinery SDX
Toontrack EZdrummer Metal! EZX
Toontrack EZdrummer Metalheads EZX
Toontrack EZdrummer Metal Machine EZX
Toontrack EZdrummer Made of Metal EZX
Toontrack EZdrummer Drumkit From Hell EZX
Lennar Digital Sylenth1
Mixing & Mastering
FabFilter Total Bundle
IK Multimedia T-RackS CS MAX
IK Multimedia T-RackS CS Classic
IK Multimedia T-RackS CS Multiband Series
IK Multimedia T-RackS CS British Studio Series
IK Multimedia T-RackS CS CSR Reverb Collection