Website Overhaul
New Website

The new website is finally here!

I went online with Fake Smile Revolution in April 2010. 5 years ago I had a completely different idea of what FSR should be. But things never turn out the way you expect and regarding FSR, that is a good thing! I have changed, and so did the internet.

It was eventually necessary to get rid of a childish looking website of an over-motivated guy who screams into a microphone and feels like a boss. That is not me anymore. Besides that, the old website was technically outdated and difficult to maintain.

You might have already noticed that some pages are missing. The guestbook, tabs, articles, half of the bio section and so on. I decided to make this website more useful. And in this case, "more useful" means to get rid of everything people do not look at, and highlight all the things people are interested in.

My website statistics tell me that there are exactly 5 things people like to do on this website. These things are represented by the main menu:

  • Read the news
  • Get to know what and who Fake Smile Revolution is
  • Listen to my music, download it and read the lyrics
  • View my equipment and get information on how I record my instruments
  • Send me an e-mail

In addition to that, there are some awesome features, which are basically hidden in the background:

Mobile Support

Open this website on your mobile phone or tablet or just resize your browser window. The layout grows and shrinks along with your browser window size. For better usability the main menu will collapse to a nice dropdown menu on smaller devices.

HTML 5 Music Player

Adobe Flash Player, get off my website! No more plugins are needed to browse on the website and listen to music. The new HTML 5 music player is supported by any modern browser and also scales with the layout.

Responsive Images

You browse a little on your mobile phone via mobile internet connection and the megabytes just accumulate like crazy! That's where responsive images come into play. If you visit the website with a smaller device or a smaller screen resolution, smaller images will be loaded from the web server. Every image is stored on the web server in 5 different sizes from tiny to huge. That saves real money ;)

News Teasers

If you read this, you have already clicked on that "Read more ..." link. Longer news like this one will only have a small teaser on the "News" page to keep the important news headlines together. In addition to that, there is no more endless scrollbar. The news list will paginate at 5 entries.

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