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Streaming Equipment

FSR is going live! In the past few years I have published some really successful recording how-to videos on YouTube. Many of you like them and for me it is fun to discuss and interact with you guys in the comment section. But there are some flaws to it.

Making such a video is extremely time consuming. I usually start off with a final mix of one of my songs and prepare it for the how-to session. This task takes up to 4 hours depending on the topic I want to address. Recording the how-to video itself is also a tedious job for me because I want the videos to be understandable for beginners and therefor I have to choose words wisely which can result in many re-recordings of single parts of the video. In the end, making a how-to video takes more time than making a live recording music video for one of my songs. That was quite surprising for me and after I realized that I cannot spend all my time for how-to videos, I decided to stop producing them and focus back on music videos instead.

And now what?

Recently I have been watching a lot of twitch.tv game streams. There are some really good streamers out there who understand how to entertain their viewers. Sometimes you totally forget about the game itself because you are so focused on the funny jokes of the guy playing.

I am a passionate gamer, too, and I usually spend more time playing games than making music. Don't be surprised, that has been the case for all my life. What I have in mind is to combine my two favourite hobbies and sharing them with everyone on twitch.tv.

What can we expect?

If you do something, do it right! That is how I approach things. As you can see in the picture, I already invested into streaming equipment. 2-PC streaming setup with 3 monitors, new microphone, webcam, mixer, preamp, greenscreen, lighting, etc.
I want to have a professional appearance right from the beginning. Good visuals and audio quality makes people stay on your stream.

If I record songs, mix anything or play games, I am usually sitting in front of my PC. So why not turning on the stream while doing so? You can watch me mix or master one of my new songs and ask questions in the twitch chat right away. This is exactly what I am aming for: To be able to communicate with you guys live! "Hey, why did you just add that compressor on that track?"... I can respond instandly. You can hang out with me and be finally able to witness how bad I actually am at mixing :P

I cannot stream everything I do when I am working on a song. Recording drums and vocals is not possible at the moment. I do this in my studio (which is not at home) and there is simply no internet connection available.

How does the gaming part fit in?

I take the idea of streaming very seriously. My stream schedule will be at least 3 times a week for about 3 to 4 hours. I don't always have the mindset to work on music. Nobody does. You cannot write a song if you are not in the mood to do so. That is where gaming comes into play. If I don't make music, I usually play games and that is what I want to do. Streaming games during the workdays and music on weekends. I will always have my microphone turned on so don't hesitate to ask me questions about mixing on a gaming stream. My dream is to build up a nice community of cool guys who love to watch and talk about music creation and gaming.

What games do you play?

I am a huge fan of the "Souls" games. I have played Dark Souls 1 and 2 multiple times. Currently I have a PS3 of a friend at my disposal so the first game I am going to stream will definitely be the Dark Souls predecessor and PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls. You will be able to watch me die a lot. In addition to that I have been a veteran World of Tanks player with over 12000 battles but recently I started grinding through Obsidians new tank game Armored Warfare. And if that gets boring... well, my Steam library includes 185 games.

When will all this happen?

I actually wanted to be streaming yet but the new CPU (i7 6700K) for my gaming PC is not available. I think it will be delivered in November. As soon as I am ready to stream for the very first time, I will upload an announcement video on YouTube with the exact date and time.

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