Metal Distortion - Beginner Guide

This How-To is about how you can easily enhhance your metal tone with a distortion pedal. Make your sound more brutal without loosing transparency!

Metal Distortion - Beginner Guide
Direct Recording - Beginner Guide

"How can I listen to the ampsim tone while recording the dry guitar signal in my audio software???" - That is a common question from a beginner to direct guitar recording. I hope I can answer this and even more questions with this how-to video. Enjoy!

Direct Recording - Beginner Guide
Superior Drummer How-To is online

The most detailed Superior Drummer how-to on YouTube is finally online!

This video series was recorded live on in February 2016. It is the most detailed how-to on YouTube about creating a badass metal tone for your recordings with Toontrack's Superior Drummer in combination with the Metal Foundry SDX and Metal! EZX expansions.

01 - Introduction -
02 - Kit Construction -
03 - Microphone Assignment -
04 - MIDI Mapping ...

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New Song - Fall Of The Rider

2016 starts with a rough and honest hardcore song! After having some really bad luck in life in 2015, I am now able to make music again. And even if I have just released this new song today, I want to announce another new song!

I am working on a great melodic metalcore song at the moment. There are only lyrics missing, everything else ...

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Live Mixing Session

After some extremely funny Demon's Souls streams, it's about time for the promised live mixing session. I am going to start mixing a new hardcore song from scratch. I am going to set up the basic project layout in Reaper and establish a first mix. All instruments except vocals will be part of the session. Grind Machine, AmpliTube, Recabinet, Superior Drummer... you'll get to see all those nice plugins in action. The session on will happen on

Sunday, December 6th, 03:00 PM CET

So put some beer in the fridge and ready your favourite chair. And thank you all again who hung out with me during the past streams!