My Growling Metal Bass

In this session I show you how I mix my growling bass tone. The focus is not on the "HOW" but on the "WHY" I make certain decisions. I talk less about the settings of the plugins but more why they make sense the way they are set up and how I came up with the idea of the entire effect chain. Especially the "commiting approach" is a very useful and versatile tool in order to get the tone that you want. Enjoy!

Mixing Workflow Explained

In this session I show you my entire mixing workflow from start to finish. The main focus is on WHY and WHEN I do certain things. The HOW - applying a compressor to a track for example - is easy to understand but most hobby audio engineers lack the detailed explanation when to apply certain plugins on the mix and why it makes sense this way. This is an in-depth tour about my approach to a raw metal mix but that does not mean it won't work on various other genres as well. Enjoy!

"EGOTRIP" Album Announcement

This is it! I am going to release an album! FSR has been around for over 12 years and now is the right time to sum up this quite large chunk of my musical life. FSR was planned as an egotrip, has always been an egotrip and will always be an egotrip.

So the album title was easy, but what about the content? Everything, period! The album will contain all of my original songs from "To Punish And Enslave" to "Time Of The Sickness" re-mixed and re-mastered to suit the enormous quality expectations of a 2017 metal album.

But I do not just want to feed you the old stuff again. There are going to be 3 entirely new songs on the album that are already in production, increasing the song count to 14.

Expect the album to be released during summer 2017.

Why alwas Metal?

Usually I present myself as a metal drummer. But after a horrific motocycle crash in June 2016 I am still busy re-learning some of my foot techniques with the right (injured) foot. It looks so easy in the video, but it isn't for me at the moment. I just cannot stop making music. So basically I was forced to reveal my second most loved music genre: Funk! Drummers love grooves and Funk lives from it. Enjoy!

Why always Metal?
Temporarily not streaming

This mainly goes out to all my viewers on Twitch. I have to shut down my stream for a longer period of time due to an amazing reason.
I have the opportunity to build myself a new home with my girlfriend. We bought a piece of land last year and already have the plans for the house. It will include a 40m² home studio in the basement. Building time will be roughly a year.
In order to save some money we will move out of our current home for this period of time making me basically unable to stream due to a worse internet connection and limited space at the new place. So far I have had so much fun streaming for you guys. I will be back from the new house in 2018. And then I even will be able to stream some drumkit action!
For everyone else who is now worried about my YouTube channel, the music videos and tutorials: Those won't be affected at all. I will still be able to create videos, write and record new songs during the building time.

Thank you all for the support during the last year!