Shells: Keller USA Magnum Series
Snare: Drum-Tec Pro Series Black Finish 14"x5.5"
Shell Sizes: 22" Bass Drums, 14" Snare, 8"/10"/12"/14"/16" Toms
Drumheads: Drum-Tec Design Series Mesh Heads
Modules: 2x Roland TD-12
Hi-Hat: Roland VH-11
Splashes: 4x Roland CY-5
Crashes / Effects: 7x Roland CY-14C
Ride: Roland CY-15R
Trigger System: ddt Truss Trigger System
Rack: Pearl DR-501
Cymbal Arms: Yamaha CH-755
Hi-Hat Stand: RMV PKH3000
Pedals: 2x TAMA HP910LS Speedcobra
Beaters: 2x TAMA CB90W Wood Beater
Drum Throne: Millenium DTRAB-1118 Drum Stool Pneumat
Sticks: Vic Firth 5B American Classic Hickory
Price: 12000€


Toontrack Superior Drummer Metal Foundry

I do not use the internal sounds of the Roland TD-12 modules. They are connected to the recording PC with an ESI MIDIMATE II MIDI to USB cable. The MIDI data is processed by Toontrack Superior Drummer Metal Foundry which is eventually responsible for sound creation.

Due to the very fast ASIO audio drivers of the Focusrite Scarlett audio interface series, I'm able to achieve less than 4ms input to output latency, which is absolutely not noticeable while playing.

See it in action

FSR Custom Drumkit in action!