What is Fake Smile Revolution?

Fake Smile Revolution is a "One-Man Metalcore Band" which was created in 2010 because I was desperately looking for a project that lasted a little bit longer than the average amateure metalcore band in southern Germany. However FSR does not only focus on publishing bad-ass metal songs without compromise, but lets interested musicians participate in the recording process. Mixing and mastering how-tos, drum lessons, metal covers of non-metal songs and other fun videos complete the broad repertoire of FSR releases. If you are the only person in a band, you can basically do whatever you want. And FSR does exactly that!

Who is Fake Smile Revolution?

Name: Dominik Rebitzer
Nationality: German
Job: Software Developer
Instruments: Drums, Guitar, Bass, Shouts, Sampling
Currently Listening: Auras
Close To The Sky
Oh, Sleeper
The Interbeing
Buried In Verona


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Q: You seem to be completely into metal. Do you listen to any other music genres?

A: In terms of music, I am very picky. Drum-wise I love funk, because what drummer doesn't love grooving like a boss? David Garibaldi from Tower Of Power is the man! In terms of "just listening to music" here is a little list:

Eminem, Awolnation, Kenny Wayne Sheperd, Pendulum, Absolute Beginner, 3 Doors Down, The Prodigy, Pennywise, Army Of The Pharaohs.

Q: How long have you been playing your instruments?

A: I started playing drums at the age of 5, guitar at 15, bass and shouts at 20.

Q: Did you take any lessons?

A: I have had drum lessons for about 15 years, until I was 20. Everything else is self-taught.

Q: What bands or musicians are your inspiration?

A: There was never really a single band or musician that inspired me. It has always been more of a genre-based thing. At the moment I'm listening a lot to all kinds of djent bands like The Interbeing or Periphery. I'm actually trying to combine djent with classic metalcore in my upcoming songs.

Q: If I gave you a guitar right now, which riff would you start playing instantly?

A: I would make sure that the guitar is set up in any kind of drop tuning and start playing "Take This Oath" from Killswitch Engage.

Q: You are doing a lot of metalcore stuff, why don't you sing?

A: I have tried... multiple times... sounded horrible... born to shout!

Q: If you could play a gig with a band of your choice, which one would it be and what instrument would you want to play?

A: Probably Mors Principium Est on drums... if I had the skillz :(

Q: Analog or digital equipment?

A: Analog all the way when it comes to sound and playing live. But if you are a creative person, who is into recording and mixing, you simply avoid years of struggling with microphones, expensive hardware and re-recordings due to shitty sound in the little home studio. With digital effects, amp simulators, cabinets and electronic drum libraries you are able to tweak the sound after recording it and that's a blessing. Therefor I accept the "worse" sound of the digital equipment. But "worse" does not mean bad at all and it's a very subjective term in this context.