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10000 Subscribers on YouTube

My YouTube channel hit 10000 subscribers today! This is freakin' amazing! I want to thank you all so much for your continuous support. And thank you for always pushing me to get my stuff done ;)

Cabinet Impulses - Beginner Guide

If you are using free ampsims that do not ship with a speaker emulation, you need to use cabinet impulses to simulate your sexy 4x12. A lot of beginners struggle with the downloaded .wav files and do not know how to use them. This video has the answers!

Cabinet Impulses - Beginner Guide
Metal Distortion - Beginner Guide

This How-To is about how you can easily enhhance your metal tone with a distortion pedal. Make your sound more brutal without loosing transparency!

Metal Distortion - Beginner Guide
Direct Recording - Beginner Guide

"How can I listen to the ampsim tone while recording the dry guitar signal in my audio software???" - That is a common question from a beginner to direct guitar recording. I hope I can answer this and even more questions with this how-to video. Enjoy!

Direct Recording - Beginner Guide
Superior Drummer How-To is online

The most detailed Superior Drummer how-to on YouTube is finally online!

This video series was recorded live on in February 2016. It is the most detailed how-to on YouTube about creating a badass metal tone for your recordings with Toontrack's Superior Drummer in combination with the Metal Foundry SDX and Metal! EZX expansions.

01 - Introduction -
02 - Kit Construction -
03 - Microphone Assignment -
04 - MIDI Mapping ...

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